First In-Shabbos

On Shabbos Poroshas Chayei Sara we had our first In-Shabbos. Joining me was Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe Klughapht of Kollel Los Angeles and family. Rabbi Klughapht gave a moving Chumash shiur after the lively Shabbos seudah and Seder limud, and acted as Maggid at...

Alumni Shabbaton

Our Hanhalla had a special sense of elation when we heard that nine of our alumni presently learning in Eretz Yisroel made an Elul Shabbaton. The bochurim gathered in Daniel Rosansky’s dira for a spirited seudah. It was such a show of how they connected in their...

Hascholas HaZman

It is with a sense of excitement and tremendous hakoras hatov to the Ribono shell Olam that we have started our twenty-third year of harbotzas haTorah on our beautiful campus, tucked away in the Santa Monica mountains. It is such a pleasure to see the smiling faces of...

Construction Update

The windows and fire sprinklers are currently being installed, giving the buildings an entirely different, and distinctive look. B”H, we’re also pleased to announce that all 3 buildings passed the inspection for the sewer connections.

FACTS Registration & Financial Aid Application

To register your son(s) for the coming year using our new online system, please click on “read more” link below. Detailed information and directions have been mailed out with the registration packets.