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Have a RedCard? If so, call 800-316-6142 or go to, register with the school name & zip code: Mesivta of Greater Los Angeles, 91302. This only has to be done once, then every time you use your RedCard Target will donate $ to the Mesivta!



Shop on Amazon ? If so, go to Now just shop on all your account information stays the same & the Mesivta gets a percentage of all your purchases!


NEW THIS YEAR!! As of September 1, 2016 the Scan Bar letters are no longer valid. The Scan Bar letters will no longer work at the register which makes this a great time for all your participants to create an online account or re-enroll at their online account. While online, it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn about all the savings we offer.

Participants are required to register for the new term online at or by calling us at 800-443-4438 starting September 1, 2016. Even if your participants registered as recently as June, July or August 2016, they are required to register again beginning September 1st.

For your convenience, step-by-step website registration instructions can be found at click on Community, click on Community Contributions, click on ‘Enroll Now’. If you don’t have computer access, please call us at 1-800-443-4438 for assistance.