About The Yeshiva

Founded by Harav Shlomo Gottesman שליט״א, a mechanech with over 30 years of educational and outreach experience, Mesivta is the fulfillment of a dream.

Located just thirty five minutes north-west of Los Angeles, Mesivta is situated among the serene and pristine oak trees and picturesque mountains of Calabasas, California. As the only rural dormitory mesivta high-school west of the Rockies, talmidim from around the United States [including Brooklyn (NY), Chicago (IL), Cleveland (OH), Lakewood (NJ), Las Vegas (NV), Palo Alto (CA), Monsey (NY), and Seattle (WA)] benefit from the secluded surroundings of the Mesivta. The crisp and refreshing air, the surrounding nature and wildlife, coupled with our sprawling 8.22 acre campus provide an unparalleled environment for scholastic success and personal growth.


MGLA enjoys full accreditation from WASC (Western Association of School and Colleges). Our latest visit of March 2014 awarded us a six year term for accreditation, a distinction a small percentage of schools receive. In the words of the visiting committee: “It would be impossible not to be impressed be the level of dedication that is apparent at every level of the school family” (32).

Mesivta WASC Self Study 2014


Rabbi Shlomo Gottesman – ראש ישיבה
Rabbi Alter Shapiro – General Studies Principal
Rabbi Yehuda Pollak – Development Coordinator


Rabbi Shmuel Bernstein – 9th Grade מגיד שיעור
Rabbi Moshe Fisher – 10th Grade מגיד שיעור
Rabbi Chaim Aharon Lopian – 11th Grade מגיד שיעור
Rabbi Yaakov Gruen – 12th Grade מגיד שיעור