Apr 3, 2019

On Shabbos, Poroshas Vayikra-Zachor, March 16-17, 2019 we enjoyed an uplifting Shabbaton on the Dovid Oved Retreat campus in Running Springs. Rabbi Shlomo Taussig of Brooklyn, NY joined us and added a special dimension to the ruach. The food was plentiful and tasty, which made the seudos enjoyable. The theme of the Shabbaton was Bein Adam Lechavero, which included a special Limud prepared by Rabbi Dovid Gottesman. The Shabbaton, organized by the twelfth grade and their Rebbe, Rabbi Yaakov Gruen was blessed with the participation of all the morning Rebbiem as well as our second Seder Rosh Chabura, Rabbi Dov Saltz. The bochurim returned Sunday morning, got rested up and made it back to the Yeshiva for night Seder. I already heard from the kitchen staff the boys have been cleaning up after their meals with more zest.

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