Purim Mesiba at the Yeshiva

Mar 15, 2022

On, Tuesday night, March 15, we enjoyed our annual Purim Mesiba here in Yeshiva. The afternoon was spent decorating the Ickovics Dining Hall. It was done in a way that expressed extreme Simcha. Moshe Levy of 12th grade, arranged the music and played the key board. Elchonon Nadler of our Bais Medrash played the electric guitar. Bryan Edgar played the clarinet. After Maariv and a small warm up the bochurim went to their dormitories to change into the Purim costumes. Each Rebbe has an opportunity to dance with his shiur. The dancing expressed the beautiful achdus so inherent.

The Mesiba ended with so many of the bochurim pitching in to clean up.

On Leil Purim most of our bochurim gathered in Kollel Los Angeles for a serious Seder Limud. Many of the bochurim learned two hours that night. The hasmada was fantastic.

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