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Fully-Accredited General Studies Program

Acres of Secluded Land

Dedicated Students

Years of Growth

Our Mission Statement

Mesivta of Greater Los Angeles seeks to promote the religious, intellectual, and personal growth of each of its students.  Every one of our students should strive for excellence in both their religious and general studies.  Our graduates should be educated so that they will be an asset to our society as successful, career oriented productive individuals.

News & Updates

Dovid Oved Retreat Center Shabbaton

On Shabbos, Poroshas Acharei Mos-Kedoshim, April 23-25, 2021 our entire cadre of bochurim together with six Rebbiem and their families, joined, as well, by Rabbi and Mrs. Yehuda Pollak and Mr. and Mrs. Shmuel Rubin enjoyed an amazing, uplifting Shabbaton at the Dovid...

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Welcoming Incoming Students

After a few weeks' process of meeting and farhering many local eighth grade bochurim we were able to accept twenty fine benai aliyah into our incoming ninth grade. The class will, iy”H, be made up of alumni of Toras Emes, Cheder LA and Ohr Eliyahu.

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Eighth Grader Tour

On Monday, February 15, 2021, twenty Toras Emes eighth graders came to visit our Yeshiva, with the goal of getting a better idea if our Yeshiva is the right choice for their high school education. They were greeted by a delicious pizza and sushi lunch joined by our...

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A Tribute to Alon & Rosana Miller

Long-Standing Supporters of the Yeshiva

Who is the Calabasas Bochur?

The Bochur who comes out of the Calabasas Yeshiva is a wholesome Talmid. The seclusion that our campus provides focuses the talmidim’s energy on deep Torah study while constantly honing their middos without the distractions that often come with life in the city.

Pride in Learning

Year after year our Yeshiva community proudly watches our Talmidim  developing into Talmidei Chachomim of stature. Leading Batei Medrash on the East Coast are vying to have our talmidim join their ranks.

A Message from the Rosh Yeshiva

Since Mesivta‘s humble inception with 9 bochurim in September 1997, with much Siata Dishmaya, we have experienced incredible development and growth.

More impressive than our quantitative growth, is the quality of the chinuch we offer our talmidim which has become the standard here at Mesivta.

Our veteran, dedicated Rabbeim truly care for their Talmidims’ success and by understanding each individual, they are able to create the thirst for continued learning.

I invite you to come visit our chosheveh Makom HaTorah and be amazed as so many others have been!

Our Yeshiva would not be possible without the generous and continued support of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.