Soille School Building


9th Grade Classroom Rabbi & Mrs. Yair Ben Moshe
9th Grade Auxiliary Classroom Mr. & Mrs. Mark Mandelbaum
10th Grade Classroom Tzvi & Leah Eilat in Memory of Akiva Ben Yeshayahu & Rochel Bas Avrohom Aryeh Leib
10th Grade Auxiliary Classroom Ronnie & Hindy Mayer
11th Grade Classroom Bayer Family in Memory of Claire & Simon Rapaport
11th Grade Auxiliary Classroom Efrem & Valerie Rosenfeld
12th Grade Classroom/Science Lecture Room $50,000
Administrative Office Mr. & Mrs. Bentzion Mandelbaum
Administrative Wing Bridge $36,000
Conference Room $50,000
Education Wing Bridge $36,000
Foyer Friedman Family
Holocaust Memorial In Memory of Sam & Rachel Lee And Abraham & Anna Ickovics
Menahel Office In Memory of Shraga Feivel Menachem Ben Shabsi
Office Avromie & Leah Colman
Multimedia Room $75,000
Reception Area The Feigen Family
Science Lab $75,000