It is with great Simcha and Hakoras Hatov that we are starting our twenty-first year with a cadre of sixty exceptional bochurim. Kudos to our custodian Alphonso Perez for working diligently over the summer to get the dormitories and classrooms ready for a new year of learning. The opening of the Yeshiva is being dedicated to the memory of Naftoli ben Alexander. May his neshama have an aliyah. We welcome to our staff Rabbi Moshe Chaim Union of Kollel Merkaz HaTorah who will be replacing our devoted eleventh grade night Seder Rebbe, Rabbi Yaacov Biron who has decided to remain in the city to work with his seventh grade talmidim in the evenings. As well, we welcome Rabbi Dovid Gottesman who will act as shoel umaishiv for our eleventh & twelfth grades during their morning hachana Seder. Dr. Michael Berns has retired from our general studies department after nine years of dedicated service to our Yeshiva. We wish him success in his new endeavors.

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